Become a Prescriber

All-American Allergy Alternatives, LLC is a specialty compounding pharmacy that provides custom formulated sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) and oral mucosal immunotherapy (OMIT) by prescription.

These therapies offer your allergy patients treatment alternatives without the risks or practical burdens of allergy injections.

Our pharmacy offers consultation services, patient educational tools, medical staff training and marketing support to help you successfully manage your SLIT and OMIT allergy patients.

Questions about allergy testing? Contact us to learn more about regional allergy panels, Finger stick IgE, or other food allergy and sensitivity allergy testing options.

To speak with a pharmacy representative about prescribing SLIT or OMIT, send us your contact information, email us, or give us a call at 877-667-4689.

Allergy drops are not created equal...

Other formulations such as “Universal serum” or very dilute “homeopathic” drops are not as effective in developing long-term tolerance. Our recommended protocol provides for a safe and effective escalation phase followed by high-dose maintenance therapy for superior efficacy.

New Treatment Options - As simple as brushing your teeth

Allergy toothpaste is a great option for many patients, especially children. The allergy toothpaste is formulated and works just like the drops. Now available in mint and berry flavors.

"Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT) has been a valuable addition to my sinonasal management plan. Oral Mucosal Immunotherapy (OMIT) adds another great treatment option and I am confident your practice will benefit from improved patient outcomes, and increased long term growth."

Dr Todd Meyer, Medical Director,
Practicing Board-Certified
Otolaryngologist, FAAOA, FAAOO

“Allergy drops from All-American Allergy Alternatives pharmacy have eliminated my need for daily nasal sprays and antihistamines. I frequently recommend allergy drops to my patients as an effective and convenient way to improve allergy symptoms as an alternative to shots."

Dr. Jennifer Weibel, WI